XRay Magazine: The History

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XRay Magazine is no longer online, so if you’ve looking for archives of the old editions, they’re going to be difficult to find. The best source that we’ve been able to locate has been the Wayback Machine. It’s a little difficult to navigate, but if you’re intent on finding something from Cincinnati’s old XRay Magazine or the Independent Eye, that’s probably your best bet.

XRay Magazine was a progressive independent magazine that was started in late 2000 and was published in Cincinnati, Ohio through 2004. It was dedicated to covering entertainment and the arts in Cincinnati with an edgy style. There were a total of 40 editions that were printed and distributed throughout urban areas in Cincinnati.

The original goal of XRay was to be a participatory media project. They wanted to eliminate the barriers between the editors, the writers and the readers. After the magazine ceased publication in 2004, they attempted to continue publishing the Independent Eye as an alternative newspaper in 2005.

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