How to Dominate Your Market

Step 1: Understand your customers use the Internet to find you, your product, or your service.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you were looking for the product or service that your company sells, how would you find it online? What keywords would you type into the search engine? Most customers are researching a problem and trying to find a solution. If you understand the problem that they’re trying to solve, then you can offer them a customized solution.

Step 2: Decide how you’re going to track conversions.

A “conversion” is the desired outcome that you want to keep track of on your website. If you’re selling a product, then you can often tie it to a sale. However, it’s not always this simple.

If you’re a realtor or a physician, you’ll probably want to track leads instead of sales. You’ll also want to assign a dollar value to a lead so that you can figure out how much you can spend on advertising to get a lead or a sale.

Step 3: Decide on autoresponders and set them up.

Autoresponders are like automated email. They are simply a way to keep in touch with your customers and prospects on a regular basis – all on autopilot.

Step 4: Do the keyword research.

Where do you get your keywords?
•    Brainstorm with a divorce group of people
•    Spy on your competitors
•    Use other tools to expand the core list

Step 5: Group your keywords by the type of conversation.

What is the searcher (potential customer) looking for?

If you are a realtor, then your prospects might be having several different conversations. A person that is looking to buy a new home will be talking about very different things than a person that wants to sell their home.

Step 6: Build a landing page on your site that targets each of the conversation types you have identified.

You want your customer to find exactly what he or she was looking for. This might be two different pages for two different customers. Most businesses send their clients to their home page, but that’s not always the best spot for them to land.

Use these custom landing pages to show them exactly how you’re going to meet their need to solve their problem.

Step 7: Set up your own blog

Step 8: Set up your Google AdWords campaigns

Use the keywords, groupings and landing pages that you’ve determined you need based on your research.

Step 9: Monitor your ads and test…EVERY DAY

Split test ads every day
Adjust bids every day
Get rid of non-performing keywords every day

Step 10: As soon as you discover a keyword phrase that produces profitable results, start working on the search engine optimization (SEO) process for that term.

  • Market 2-3 articles per week (or even more)
  • Make blog postings on your blog and others’
  • Answer posts on forums and yahoo answers

Step 11: Setup campaigns on Yahoo and MSN pay per click advertising engines for your keywords that are producing profitable results.

Step 12: Rinse and repeat this process every 90 days!

This probably looks overwhelming. However, if you know what you’re doing…it’s very straightforward.

We can help.

Check out our services to see exactly how. With just a bit of effort on your part, you can DOMINATE your market. Doing this effectively is like bringing a gun to a knife fight.

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