XRay Magazine: The History

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XRay Magazine is no longer online, so if you’ve looking for archives of the old editions, they’re going to be difficult to find. The best source that we’ve been able to locate has been the Wayback Machine. It’s a little difficult to navigate, but if you’re intent on finding something from Cincinnati’s old XRay Magazine or the Independent Eye, that’s probably your best bet.

XRay Magazine was a progressive independent magazine that was started in late 2000 and was published in Cincinnati, Ohio through 2004. It was dedicated to covering entertainment and the arts in Cincinnati with an edgy style. There were a total of 40 editions that were printed and distributed throughout urban areas in Cincinnati.

The original goal of XRay was to be a participatory media project. They wanted to eliminate the barriers between the editors, the writers and the readers. After the magazine ceased publication in 2004, they attempted to continue publishing the Independent Eye as an alternative newspaper in 2005.

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Kaitlyn Karroll June 3, 2009 at 5:11 pm

I always knew XRay wouldn’t make it. It wasn’t because it was a bad idea or a bad publication – I worked on it a while myself as a contributing editor and writer, but there was a balance missing there. It leaned to heavily towards liberal side and in an ultra conservative place like Cincinnati, this is nearly impossible.

I advised the early publishers of this mag to go strictly online first and then start to print b/c I know how expensive it is to print as I too own my own magazine. But online costs and print costs together are too high to handle – esp if there is no capital or investor behind you. I tried to implement my advice to them and no one listened. Now where is it? Gone – like all the rest of them – I can name 15 magazines that have went out of business in the last few years and though I was told I couldn’t make it in this either, I still am here. I am the last one of the independents standing.

You’re wondering why I bet. Well – that is my secret but I will tell you it is hard as hell to run a magazine with little staff and mostly all freelancers. I wear ten hats and I manage to wear them all well b/c I am determined and know how to juggle and listen well to my advisors and advertisers. But we all don’t listen and learn the same way.

I am on my way to becoming the next Oprah and building my empire – no this is not a haughty smack-down, but it is a note to all of those who said I’d be out of business too. I may struggle and my climb has been slow, but I am on the cutting edge of some real major innovations and ideas that no one else in Cincy has the nerve, the moxie, nor the skill or talent to pull off.

SIt back dear doubters and watch the rocket make it to the moon!
Kaitlyn (“Katie”)

kaitlyn karroll September 28, 2009 at 4:38 pm

I am responding to this posting b/c it is not wholly what I wrote or intended to write. I wrote a few words that may have caused a misunderstanding and had edited them to sound better, but my older e-m was posted instead (before edits of the new one were sent).

An apology goes out to anyone who may have misread what I was trying to say. Yes, a bit of brutal honesty tinged my words, but it should have been worded differently and as I stated above, it was my intention to send the edited version but the ‘submit’ key was pressed prematurely. Also, folks are quick to judge in this myopic little metropolitan area we live and are too ready to judge when they don’t know the entire story.

However, I still hold to my opinion that XRay was a pretty conflicted publication whosed editor and publisher was very conservative but allowed and pursued mostly liberal sponsorship – focusing on Cincy’s art scene, (which ironically enough, have not much money to sponsor with!). Yet its true ‘artists’ were not free enough to really express themselves and that was a double standard and sent a twisted, double message. Instead of being balanced, this publication came off as contradictory. As an ex., there were quite a few articles that some of the writers wanted to contribute, (myself included) but we weren’t allowed to write anything that was considered too liberal or ‘outside the box’ or ‘off the beaten path’. This was hypocrisy from a publisher who didn’t mind taking a liberal, ‘out-of-the-box’ sponsor’s money for advertsing but didn’t want too much of a liberal bent in content.

In my new magazine that I own and run, we place a high value on a moderate and centrist voice which is where the total truth can be found anyway — the truth is not on the far left or the far right. XRay had promise but never truly found its voice b/c of this hypocrisy and contradiction and never went far due to all of this.

You have to be open to learn and grow and when you’re provincial in your ideology and stubbornly controlling everything, the voice of reason cannot be heard and therefore, any project stemming from this kind of conflicted paradigm cannot evolve. (This proof is in the pudding when XRay had to shut down due to money issues – all of which I predicted long before the closing of the mag).

As a very responsible journalist and editor who researches the subject inside out and upside down, and hires on others who do the same, I can assure my readers that they get the best of both worlds w/out a slanted, bias opinion that ‘takes over’ the identity or brand of the publication. This is what I was trying to say in previous post – that I gave the publisher this advice and on how to make cash flow be more successful as well and he didn’t listen to any of my forecastings or rational suggestions. If anyone was caught up in an overdosing of “I” and conceited ego tripping, it was XRay’s editor, Steve N. I do, however, listen to my readers, advisors and sponsors and as a result, I have allowed my magazine to grow and expand into a more improved magazine brand and that is why it still is open and doing well today, despite all the struggles it still endures. But struggle comes w/ the territory and to just give up and quit b/c of a few challenges also proves lack of passion, tenacity and real gritty sustenance.

If I use the personal prounoun of ‘I’ too much here – please try to be open minded enough to understand this from a common sense perspective: ‘I’ can only speak for myself and my own experiences and would not dare to speak for othes who would not appreciate my doing so, so OBVIOUSLY, ‘I’ can only speak from my perspectives, insights and my own lessons learned. ‘I’ do hope others can be open enough to see what this actually means to an unsuccessful and drowning pool of publications in this city where the only ones left still operating are the corporate ones and mine – the only indie one left of its ilk in this overly conservative city where Mark Twain referred to as “the one city people will go to when the world comes to an end b/c Cincinnait is ten years behind.” This famous quote underscores all I have said and if a little arrogance comes from being confident to know what is REALLY going on in this business and in this city, then fine. I’d much rather be considered honestly arrogant than falsely modest any time and w/ so many phonies and cronies running around in Cincy, ‘I’ am in a good place and would have it no other way. Thank you!

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